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Internationale Weiterbildungsangebote

Master Lebensmitteltechnologie & Ernährung

Der Studiengang der MCI richtet sich an interessierte Bachelorabsolventen und Bachelorabsolventinnen aus den Bereichen Naturwissenschaft, Ökotrophologie, Ernährungswissenschaft, Technik und Ingenieurwesen, die eine Vertiefung in Lebensmitteltechnologie und Nutrition Technology suchen.



Master in Hygienic Design

North-Caucasus Federal University in Stavropol, Russia has become the first institution in the world to offer training with the Master program in Hygienic Engineering and Design that has been designed under support of the European Hygienic and Design Group. Program is aimed to develop and integrate modern hygienic aspects at the real processes of food machine’s and tool’s design as well as their maintenance and operations at industrial companies worked in field of food technology and engineering, mechanical engineering, pharmacy, biotechnology, cosmetics and chemical engineering. Prospective students are: We are sure that it would be useful and interesting for: - Graduated students (Bachelor, Master, Diploma degrees) in the next areas: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Food Engineering, Food Science, Food Technology; Biotechnology; Standardization and Certification, Microbiology, Pharmacy, Chemical engineering; - Specialists from food enterprises, machinery units, pharmacy companies; - Quality assurance and food safety staff, food safety regulators and auditors specialized in machinery, foods, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries.